The Sasquatch Gathering and Music Festival is a non-profit recreational and
artistic event presented by the Sasquatch Community Arts Society, a
registered Alberta not-for-profit association. Prices are kept affordable for
all by combining the work of a great team of volunteers, generous corporate
sponsorships from the community and funding from the Alberta Foundation
for the Arts. The ticket price
includes a weekend camping pass (non-serviced sites).

The Sasquatch Gathering has been held at
Rangeton Park, AB
since 2011. The 22nd annual festival returns for its 7th year to Rangeton Park
on July 28th to 30th, 2017.

On-site porta-potties, a limited supply of firewood for small campfires and
non-potable wash water are provided, but there are no “services”.
Bring all of your own camping supplies, food, beverages and potable

drinking water. The gathering aims to be as green as possible and minimize
environmental impacts so we ask you to plan accordingly, live lightly, and if
you need power, go solar. Gas / diesel generators are noisy, smell and we
discourage the use of them.

The Gathering also aims to be very kid and family friendly. It is operated as a
private gathering and belligerent, disrespectful
or unsafe behavior is simply
not tolerated. Some local guests head home
overnight, but the music, campfires,
story-telling and camaraderie goes late, so
staying on site will limit your need to
drive and you won't have to miss

Please use adequate sun screen and bug spray. It is advisable to drink plenty
of water and to dress for inclement weather. There is access to the Pembina
River. Please don't swim alone or intoxicated. All children must be accompanied
by an adult, who is a competent swimmer. I
f you or anyone you're with does get hurt,
please notify
one of the festival volunteers immediately.

Please pick up after yourself, and pack out as much of your own garbage as you
can. Help us continue with the Sasquatch “no garbage left behind” track record
- no caps, no cigarette butts, no plastic twist ties etc. You can use the
garbage and recycling bins provided and feel free to donate empty (bottles &
cans to the Society). Look out for your neighbors as you would have them look
out for you. Open fires outside of designated fire pits are not permitted. Please
dispose of bottle caps and other non-flammable waste in garbage containers.


Leave no Trace - Take only memories and photos …

Fires: Do not leave your fire unattended. Fires are only permitted inside the
metal fire-rings provided - do not move the rings from their approved locations.
Push coals together and burn to ash. Please keep fires small and conserve

Campsites: Please protect the trees … No nails - No sawing, No axe “parking”.
The best camping is on the mowed grass. If you find an existing clearing in the
trees you may use it for tents (check carefully for leaners or dead branches
above) but please don't cut roots or clear vegetation. Only tie ropes to dead
branches and if you must tie something up to living bark, use large rope or use
wood or cloth pads. Do not dig any trenches or build campsite “furniture” from
natural materials.

Vehicles: Try and minimize their use on the site.. If you need to head to town
for supplies, try and car pool - offer or ask around for a ride. Please do not
idle your vehicle once you have it in location and try and minimize use of
generators (the noise and smell really kills the atmosphere and the aesthetic of
the gathering). Try solar for your RV.

Litter / Garbage: Pack out everything you bring in. Keep your own garbage bag
going in an “animal-proof” location. Almost everyone is pretty good about not
littering big stuff, but please also pocket and dispose of all little stuff too
- pack out your cigarette butts, bottle caps, twist ties, straws etc. and if you
see litter that someone else missed - please pick it up. Burn or pack out food
waste and throw wash water into the tall grass on high ground and well away from
the river.

Wildlife: This field and the land around it are frequented by deer, moose,
coyotes, wolves, bears and elk, and the odd porcupine - as well as numerous
species of birds, rodents and other critters. Do not let your
dogs (or cats)
run wild if they won't stay close by, or if they chase wildlife.
Enjoy the trails, the river shoreline, and forest paths - there is a lot to see. Take pictures and soak it all in,
but please leave nature where you saw it
and where it belongs.
For more on Leave No Trace camping ethics see:

We thank you for your cooperation and hope you have a great time at the
Sasquatch Gathering !